4 thoughts on “PG13 hunt the villens from beyond the Audio Game Hub”

  1. I think this might actually be the first listener comment for this awesome new site… Sweet! (cool)

    Anyway, I didn’t just post for that reason only, 🙂 I also really want to know the current status of the VFB soundpack that Peter demoed.
    I haven’t seen it in the pack store yet, and as Kevin pointed out, it sounds seriously fucking awesome!
    Can’t wait to play it, but no rush if it needs touching up first in order to be the best it can be before release. Still, an update would be nice, I’m worried that it might not ever see the light of day, which would be a real shame. 🙁

    I may also create one of my own, I’m thinking of an APC driver type thing, with autocannon and anti tank missiles.
    Decent voice acting for the mini cut scenes may prove difficult to find though…

    Really excited for the next stream! and hope to see Crazy Party, even if only battle mode for now, rhythm rage, and possibly Preludeamals as well, since there wasn’t time for it in the last one.
    If you do end up playing crazy party, I’d be honored to join you guys if you end up online as well.

    Love the new website by the way, though unless I’m just missing it, than a section on the frontpage that gives the latest updates and information about upcoming streams would be awesome; it’s easier than looking for it on Facebook if you don’t use that service.
    Will the web IRC be migrated as well? I downloaded the preconfigured mega IRC, but I know that some people find it more convenient.
    Speaking of which, I’m guessing the old server address won’t work either? O.o

    1. Hi,

      The old server address will still work fine. I’m gonna keep renewing the tk domain, especially because I have no idea how to update the link in TuneIn Radio.

      About the soundpack, I just asked Peter and he was like “I need to upload it” so… Dunno when he’ll do that. 😛

      And yup, I’m already looking for twitter widgets because we always post there. Thanks for the comment! 😀 Hope I got all the questions.

  2. Yeah that pretty much answers everything, thanks. 🙂
    Though I forgot to ask if the abandoned games archive had been migrated yet, since I don’t see it here; but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?
    Oh yeah, appreciate you deleting that duplicate post of mine by the way, not sure how that happened. LOL

    I’ve also done a bit more research related to making a pack of my own, and I think I’ll be using a helicopter gunship not an APC.
    I’m thinking of the Russian KA-50 or KA-52, because they’ve been in service allot longer than the MI-28, which is the other attack chopper that uses the 2A42 30MM cannon, and that’s the only one I’ve found that has a rate of fire paralleling that of the game’s ship…
    It even has an additional faster firing mode, which makes the speed boost more believable; along with the fact that it can carry 40 S8 80MM unguided rockets, which I would use to replace the bombs, so not running out before the end of the level makes allot more sense! 😀
    Arial burst will be a bit harder to deal with though, since if you have a full load of rockets, you don’t have room for missile racks. 🙁

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