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    1. Gonna have to do that one over multiple streams probably, or maybe even record it as an offline listen. So that we play it in our own time

  1. I voted for Rhythm Rage, just because it’s new, pretty well done, and could probably use the publicity for people that haven’t decided to try it out yet, plus you could probably fit another small game or two in there, such as preludeamals, unless you want to save that for another time and include it in a stream specifically about Aprone’s games.

    That said how ever, playthroughs of SCW and BK3 also really interest me, while shades of doom has already been streamed and the new version doesn’t actually add much, and terraformers is buggy and slow, interesting concept and story not withstanding.
    I thought you guys played it already, anyway? Maybe I’m remembering wrong… O.o

    Anyway, off to go listen to the latest archives! (happy)

    1. We didn’t play Terraformers, yet. We did play Shades Of Doom, but if you listen to that archive we only played, like, 2 levels of the entire game?
      Once I get new equipment we’ll get back to streaming more regularly. I can’t wait. šŸ˜€

  2. Maybe you could do a stream featuring some of the bpc programs games such as treasure hunt or tdv. Alternatively, what about a game madness stream featuring games such as the old battle zone, damage extreme, and the grave of redemption demo if that is in a public state?

    1. These games are definitely going to happen no doubt. My vacation is over and I’m working on a few projects but we should get back to streaming soon! I’m also getting new equipment which should help a lot with how streams sound and improve quality.

  3. Dussehra in the castle of witchcraft and wizardry. Well, I mean, I do have the demo. I’ve seen the walk through in a text format. But I just thought, that you guys would want to play the game.

    1. We actually tried to get that thing working last year. If we do, then you’ll definitely see it. But give us a few months, we might have a surprise.

  4. I would love to see you guys play mortal kombat or something, lol fight club PG13 style would be epic
    plus a mainstream game would be different from everything else that’s been done so far as far as I know

  5. but if you guys are only planning on audio games, my top 3 would be shadow line, bokura no daibouken 3 both of which would probably have to be spread across at least 2 sessions, or rhythm rage as has already been suggested but hardcore pack over default, it has more levels

    1. We’re not just going for audiogames. We’ve already done GTA and all that. peter’s mre into fighting games than I am so he might be the one to do mortal Kombat and all that other stuff.

  6. hi pg13 lp, i been listening to your streams, long long time, and i have an idea. you can play all sams games, such as STW, though that one might be boring, redspot, that one is fun, and others. for shadow line, you can do a playthrough in one recording, go look up post 2015 in shadow line full voice has been released, i’ve done playthrough in 5h or so, and it will be more fun the the gate, god i cant imagine playing the game for 6h, but you’ve done it. bk3, you need at least 2 weeks or so, all grinding, deaths, and rage quits, there will be some of them, trust me on it. rhythm rage is fun, final remix is my favorite of them all, SCW, yes, i’m too layzey to spell the game’s name, well, it’s ok apart from scilent chrashes and it’s costing $35. hmm… formers game? well it’s ok, but as someone said it’s slow and kindof boring. aprone’s game would be intresting to see, because as i’ve listened to the streams you’re not about strategy, just about murdering stuff, aprone’s games is all about strategy, what to buy, what to sell, where to move, etc etc. techno shock might be a good one, yes you’ve played it before, but i’d like to hear full let’s play of it, shades of doom is good one, as well. also you have any idea when pg13 would be streaming again? oh and before i forget! i owned peeters ass on redspot! go me! so if i see you on redspot, anyone of you, i’ll target only you and you, it was always my dream to pk pg13, hahahahahahhaa!

    1. That’s a great idea! Also, what do You say about also playing some japanese games and made It with Yukyo, as a second developer stream after Oriol.

    2. It depends on the game. If a game let’s you just murder things, then of course we’ll choose that way because it’s sonically more interesting than us talking for 30 minutes while we think things through again and again in our heads. Also you guys keep coming back for rage modes, so we have to deliver. šŸ˜›

  7. yes, yukio stream would be fun! i don’t know if you can get it to work though sinse of a huge time line. also do you know if yukio speaks english or not?

    1. I’ve heard of one friend, who talked with him, he use a japanese English.
      But, I think, that hope, if He have also translated some games from Japanese to English.

  8. I think you should play the sounds like fun games. Descent into madness isn’t a very long game and could be beaten in an hour to an hour and a half if it’s your first time, if you’ve played it before it takes 30 to 40 minutes. Sonic zoom is practically endless, so I’d try going up to level 10 maximum so people get the general idea. The last crusade may take you forever if you don’t know how the hell to play RPGs.

  9. ok now i really want pg13 to make a bk2 playthrough, bk2, not bk3. why? i won 25-5 with like 3 seconds to spare. i wonder what gorthalon will do if he finds out that if you play 25-4 you cant save before 25-5? hey gorth, if your reading this, know that bk2 will be a lot harder then bk3, no defense stat, and hp costs go up like craaaaaaaaaap.
    oh, and i’m sure there will be rage quits, multiple, in fact. :P.

  10. where did pg13 go! guys, do soul trapper please please please? it’s a fun game! i just won it! the battle in hell caused me to throw my iphone across the room multiple times. :).

  11. super egg hunt might be possible, but paladin is a long game and you cant play it for more then 4h, well, you can, but you will get a headake.

    1. We’ve also thought about recording some let’s plays again, like we used to, and not actually streaming them live. But we’ve done some games twice, no reason we shouldn’t be able to do it again. On the stream we sometimes reject it, because then we would only be playing 2 games again and again. LOL

  12. Hi!
    I have one idea. What about some XXX games? It’ll be also interesting for adult people. Or, can You made It on another site?
    Because I don’t know alot about XXX games.
    Thank You!

    1. Well our content is for mature audiences only anyway, right? With all the swearing? We’ve played DSG before, but that, sadly, didn’t get archived. Also, our stream is played on TuneIn and our podcast is featured on several portals. I’m not sure if we’re breaking any terms of service. But other than that I wouldn’t say no. LOL

  13. Hi,
    I have a suggestion for a future stream.
    This isn’t directly related to gaming, but here is my idea.
    You guys can go through the batl.7z archive and play with random games and programs that you find interesting.
    Most of the software in this archive is for dos or older versions of windows
    You can find the archive at

  14. New streams would be nice, but could you please upload the old ones first? Namely, the Planet Saga and Echoes from Levia: Soulbound ones. Else I might eventually die from the disappointment when checking the Recent Posts list. Thanks!

  15. Hey guys, I thought Iā€™d want to bring this up. But you guys are missing the beach, the factory, the city and the plain in crazy party. Maybe sometime when the need arises, you can play those 4 worlds on stream.

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